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The rooms

Baroque design

Very comfortble & first class features

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The restaurant "Le Couvent"

Fascination of the senses

It's your culinary delight.


Hotel with heart

Chabby interior Baroque meets modern, this how the style and ambience of our individual design hotels are defined. Situated opposite one of the finest monasteries in Europe, the spa suites, in particular, with a private sauna area, will entice you to take time out from a hectic day

Culinary delights await you at the Restaurant „Le Couvant“ and the in-house distillery which offers guided tours and tastings, you can even make your own brandy...

…only here. In one of Brandenburg’s most beautiful and conceptually exceptional private design hotels.


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Finest Address Award

Finest Adress Award

Finest Address is an exclusive network for people who like to enjoy fine dining along with a luxurious lifestyle. The best hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars, and the most exclusive boutiques, big names in Activity, Cooking, fitness and wellness are presented here in exquisite fashion.

We are delighted that, since the opening of our hotel, we belong to the circle of the best and most individual hotels in Germany and in the meantime also in Austria. Even in a world city like Berlin, less than 20 hotels have made it into the Finest Address Guide.

Finest Address Guide